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Luke Beddows is a proper Northerner who likes going t’pub, chips and gravy and working down the mine. When he’s not doing that, he’s a comedy writer and broadcast creative in London. 

Alongside his writing talents, he's also an Assistant Producer/Producer in television, Educational Consultant and trained English teacher.

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Luke has written for some of the most recognisable television and radio shows such as Britain's Got Talent, The Now Show and Crackerjack!  He's also the creator and writer of ‘Class Dismissed’ which picked up a BAFTA for Best Comedy.

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Whether it be curriculum relevancy, editorial input or simply how to both inform and entertain younger audiences, Luke's background in both television and education means he has a unique insight into how to create successful content for the kids of today.

RIGHT: Myself on 5Live Drive speaking about workshops that I delivered for BBC Bitesize.

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Luke most recently taught in an outstanding school and is well adept at creating resources, lessons and schemes of work in both English language and literature from KS2 right up to KS4. His eye for engagement is always intelligently linked to pupil progress, enjoyment and achievement of excellent outcomes is always rooted in his thinking, planning and teaching.

"My child really enjoys his creative approach to teaching."

"Luke's engaging teaching style has helped my daughter become much more confident in her reading and writing skills and most importantly, she awaits each class with great excitement."

"Luke is able to make the lessons fun and light. He is very organised and is able to be flexible."

"I could not be happier. My son actually looks forward to his time with Luke (after a whole day in school!)"

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